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Real food made with whole ingredients. seeking to nourish our world, one loaf of bread at a time.

Eat Together

Every plate achieves that elusive, cuisine-defining balance of sweet, salty, and sour — even dessert.


Almost twenty years ago I attended a lecture extolling the nutritional virtues of freshly milled whole grains.  Once cracked open, the oils in the grains begin to oxidize.  I was a young mother.  I noticed that little children ate a diet of all sorts of things made with grain.  Pancakes, toast, pbj, pasta, cookies, muffins.  What if I could increase the nutritional value of their food by making one little change?  I promptly bought a small mill and the rest is history.  The kids get plenty of white flour and white sugar elsewhere.  But at least the stuff they get at home is whole and real and nourishing. The rest is history.



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Taste and See in action:


simple foods designed to nourish


Milk & Honey 

Freshly milled Prairie Gold Wheat Montana, local milk, Fain's raw honey, coconut oil, Redmond's Real Salt, yeast. A tender, slightly sweet loaf, called by some a comforting hug in a slice of bread.  This 100% whole grain bread is a great gateway into better nutrition for the Wonder bread lovers out there.  

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Spelt Milk & Honey 

Freshly milled Spelt berries, local milk, Fain's raw honey, coconut oil, Redmond's Real Salt, yeast.  This bread showcases the hearty, bold flavor of one of the premier ancient grains on the market.  Moist, tender, perfect for a runny fried egg sandwich with mayo!


Spelt Cinnamon Swirly 

Same delicious spelt m & h bread, but with the magical addition of a super pungent cinnamon and sucanat swirl.  A smaller loaf, because we all know that very good things come in small packages. Try this bread toasted with butter and a cup of tea on the side for delicious stress relief!


Grainier Seedier Milk & Honey Bread

Freshly milled spelt, Prairie Gold wheat berries, einkorn, and kamut berries, local milk, Fain's raw honey, coconut oil, rolled oats, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, yeast, Redmond's Real Salt. Same tender loaf, PLUS! Ancient grains hold hands with lots of seeds.  A tender, deliciously textured loaf, a real favorite in the bakery.  Makes for best ever PBJ's.

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Freshly milled Prairie Gold wheat, water, yeast, Redmond's Real Salt.  Chewy crust, tender bread, baked in a super hot oven with plenty of steam.  This bread is simple, pure goodness.  Vegan as well.

Ancient Seedy Bread

Freshly milled spelt, einkorn, kamut, water, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, yeast, Redmond's Real Salt.  Artisan bread, with that trio of specialty grains working together with the seed gang to make a chewy, amazingly tasty, nutrient dense loaf, a favorite with the paleo crowd.  A vegan option.


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Spelt Almond Raisin Rye Bread

Freshly milled spelt and rye berries, water, raw almonds, raisins, yeast, Redmond's Real Salt.  A bread to convert rye haters!  Sweet, chewy, and a little taste of heaven when toasted up with butter in a cast iron skillet.  Perfect foundation for a chicken salad sandwich.  


Spelt Rye Caraway

Freshly milled spelt and rye berries, water, caraway seeds, yeast, Redmond's Real Salt.  A heartier rye bread, with those pungent seeds people either love or hate!  MMM.  Best thing ever with a bowl of hearty potato soup.


Spelt Pumpernickel

Same thing as the Rye Caraway, but add extra black cocoa powder and blackstrap molasses for good measure.  Dense, moist, chewy, rich.  Slather with cream cheese or one of our local chevres for a true treat.

Better Than Trader Jo's Pizza Dough 

Freshly milled Prairie Gold, water, olive oil, yeast, Redmond's Real Salt.  Why better than TJ's?  You know we all love Trader Joes!  and truth be told, we bought their dough all the time, back in our Jersey days.  But alas, no TJ's out here in the high Chihuahuan desert.  We need not suffer!  You can pick up your own tasty dough, take it home and construct most fabulous pizza that not only tastes good, but is filled only with nutrient-dense ingredients and absolutely nothing else.  Except love. :)